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Lake Colors

Lake Colors

Customers can avail from us an impeccable range of Lake Colors. These include- Lake Erythrosine, Lake Sunset Yellow, Lake Tartrazine, Lake Carmoisine, Lake Brilliant Blue, Lake Quinoline Yellow etc. High in demand, these products are insoluble in water and dissolves only in oil products. Relatively inert absorption compounds, our offered range is very adaptable and versatile. Owing to their good solubility, any product can be colored with them and are widely used to make food products more shining and appealing. The offered range is developed under the supervision of our experts for their better future results.

We are reputed lake food color exporters providing our customers high value for color further used in manufacturing extreme finesse products.

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  • Capsule Coating
  • Tablets
  • Medicine
  • Soft Drink & Concentrates
  • Ice Creams
  • Cakes
  • Printing Inks
  • Squashes
  • Blended Food colours
  • All edible Preparation

Dye Content %
(12-18) | (22-28) | (35-42)
Lake Quinoline Yellow D & C Yellow 10 Lake Food Yellow 13 47005:1 E-104
Lake Tartrazine FD&C Yellow 5 Lake 19140:1 E-102
Lake Sunset Yellow FCF D &C Yellow 6 Lake Food Yellow 3 15985:1 E-110
Lake Erythrosine FD & C Red 3 Lake food Red 14 45430:1 E-127
Lake Allura Red FD & C Red 40 Lake Food Red 17 16035:1 E-129
Lake Ponceau 4R Food Red 7 Lake 16255:1 E-124
Lake Phloxine B D & C Red 28 Lake 45410:1
Lake Amaranth FD & C Red 2 Lake Food Red 9 16185:1 E-123
Lake Carmoisine Food Red 3 Azorubine 14720:1 E-122
Chocolate Brown HT Food Brown 3 Lake 20285:1 E-155
Lake Brilliant Blue FCF FD & C Blue 1 Lake Food Blue 2 42090:1 E-133
Lake Green-S FD &C Green 4 Lake 44090:1 E-142
Lake Indigo Carmine FD & C Blue 2 Lake Food Blue 1 73015:1 E-132
Lake Patent Blue V Food Blue 5 Lake 42051:1 E-131
Lake Black PN Food Black 1 Lake 28440:1 E-151